The Big Island

My special birthday surprise finally is here!!!!! July 8th Brian and I flew to Maui from Phoenix. It certainly was a special time to sit in one place for 5 hours with my youngest son. Even when he visits home sharing him with his friends and the rest of the family I would be lucky whenever I could get at least two hours of undivided time. What I thought would be five hours of inspirational and motivational exchange of ideas and thoughts only went for about 30 minutes. The rest of the time went to reading, creating Brian’s website, watching a movie, eating and sleeping. But never mind all that I can still say I sat next to Brian a solid 5 hours.

We landed in Maui and it was warm and had a great tropical feel. Looking out into hills of coconut and banana trees. Impressive blue sky and majestic green mountains. It really brought me back to the Philippines Islands.










  1. So much fun! Btw...I tagged you. Check out my blog.